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Boutique Hotels

Do you seek boutique hotel experiences that are intimate, stylish, unique and completely memorable ?

Shanghai Mansion Bangkok hotel is delighted to announce our alliance with a group of boutique hotels in northern Thailand.  If you’re looking for a chic hotel experience in Chiangmai, try a stay at one of our partner hotels :    

Hua Hin

• The Haven Resort        • X2 Kui Buri    • la a natu bed & bakery

Chiang Mai

•  Yaang Come Village       •  Fondcome Village  
•  At Niman Conceptual Home      •  Bann Tazala Boutique Hotel
   •  The Puka Resort
•  Proud Phu Fah
     •  Banthai Village
The Haven Resort

A Secret Escape…where Nature meets Contemporary

Experience the pleasure at private property that lay facing the open sea of Hua Hin beach. At Haven . . . rooms and nature are harmoniously united. You will experience luxury amongst scenic nature. Fulfilling your delight with our unique design "Infinity Edge Pool" ~ the main swimming pool at the heart of the resort, and guestroom that emphasize to your privacy while allowing you to fully indulge the charming landscape at the same time.

Indulge yourself to a memorable destination … where your satisfaction is most important to us. It is our determination to be a serenity of happiness just like the true meaning of

"Haven – Hua Hin : An Exclusive Pier of Pleasure"

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X2 Kui Buri

Designed for the Spirit

Opened in December 2007, the first X2 resort is at Kui Buri (pronounced goo-wee… boo-ree). Kui Buri is a 3 hour drive south of Bangkok, and half an hour south of the famous beachside resort town of Hua Hin.

The general area is underdeveloped and peaceful with the only communities being local fishing villages. The resort is located on virgin beachfront land with 23 semi private villas each have their own terrace, garden and most with private pools.

The existing landscape of large, well developed trees has been carefully preserved, and provides a unique atmosphere punctuated by large open spaces and unique natural horticulture.

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la a natu bed & bakery

Not just the familiar “A Real Difference,” “Truly Unique Experience” or “Like No Others,” La a natu is an environmentally concerned and palate-pleasing resort. With 10 exclusive accommodation spreading on Pranburi’s serene beach, our stylish tropical modern resort is not luxurious, but lovely. Amid the alluring landscape of rice-field terrace by the sea, Thai-Lao architecture and locally inspired artworks blend with visionary contemporary design, offering surprising as well as charming combination.

A wonderful place for a getaway or for your own small party with friends. A small event (seminar, party, wedding etc.) can also be arranged.

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Yaang Come Village
boutique hotel thailand
Right in the heart of Chiangmai, underneath the shade of the gigantic 40-year-old Yaang tree, you will find yourself wrapped in the traditional Lanna atmosphere, amidst the aroma of the botanic surroundings. The hotel is virtual oasis in the middle of a bustling city. Admiration for the history, culture and glorious costume of the Tai people or Thai Lue helped to create this conservation idea. With only a few steps, one enters a haven of serenity with lush gardens and fascinating architecture of the Thai Lue style.42 spacious rooms afford scenic views. Our international restaurant offers various choices of tasty cuisine. Whether you are staying for business or pleasure, every visit will be a memorable one. Yaang come village has a perfect location because it is only 10 minutes from Chaingmai International Airport and just 100 metres from the Night Bazaar.

more information :
Fondcome Village
boutique hotel thailand
Fondcome Village, a hotel of arts, culture and nature is settling in a lush valley of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, only 10 minutes from Chiang Mai International airport and 15 minutes from Night Bazaar and Sunday Walking Street. 48 unique guestrooms and 2 suites are designed in various styles inspired by Tai Yai, tribal, Sibsongpanna, Lanna arts and cultures.

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Ayatana Hamlet & Spa, Chiang Mai
boutique hotel thailand
Ayatana Hamlet and Spa Chiang Mai is a contemporary Lanna-style destination for a memorable gratification of deep relaxation and luxurious spa experience. Your senses in journey of self-renewal, combined with fine cuisine, relaxing surrounding and personalized services will be filled up to fulfill your every single desire. Ayatana Hamlet and Spa Chiang Mai open its door to all visitors who come in explored of the ultimate hideaway. Being relaxing in a luxurious natural ambience and feel the contemporary Lanna-style décor, our guest is individually pampered with personalized therapeutic treatments designed to provide you with deep relaxation and sense of total wellness.

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AT Niman Conceptual Home

boutique hotel thailand
This is an extraordinary boutique accommodation which is inspired by the impression of cultural inheritable of the Himalayas through “Doi Suthep”. The façade is reminiscent of Indian architecture, while the majority of the myriad antiques and post modern decorations inside come from Morocco, China, India, Burma and Thailand. That’s why hotel can be described as “The Asian Chic Style”. Only 8 rooms with the comfort of facilities and warming service offers sense of home. There's a restaurant downstairs “Le Muang de Cuisine Snob” serving Northern Thai food in “NEO LANNA” look and there's also a library/film library with plenty of curious furniture to lie back on.  Or mellow by the indigo swimming pool.  Everywhere you look there is something appealing to see……So we call “A Conceptual Home”

more information :

Bann Tazala Boutique Hotel
boutique hotel thailand

Bann Tazala Boutique Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Newest Luxurious & Friendliest Hotel in Chiangmai. Thailand Boutique Hotel. Most Exclusive Residence in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Limited Reservation - Only 8 Luxury Rooms opening for booking now.

Bann Tazala is a 5 (five) star 'Boutique Hotel in Chiang Mai. Our hotel is being indexes by tripadvisor in its Popularity Index as the No 36 of 105 Best Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

more information :

The Puka Boutique Resort
boutique hotel thailand

Once established for the family's relaxation, Puka is now one of the most fascinating small, private & luxury boutique resorts in Chiang Mai located among villager's way of life. While here, calmness with the various green plants, Longan Garden, rice field and the puka canal will fulfill you to relax. Moreover, we provide you 7 units with different style such as Room, Pongchuk Pissathanporn --designer of The puka who is good knowledge in design field for 10 years and design all the puka boutique resort. The several differences of architectural and interior design have been blended to be Puka Boutique Resort which brings you the memorable vacation. Although closing with villager's life and cannel, here is small, luxury, grand, outstanding plus mostly private also with 7 different types, all made from ancient objects, natural and rustic materials such as the comfortable building developed from the hundred years of a rice barn which the farmer stored the rice before selling in the past to be 6 suite rooms for you resting.

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Proud Phu Fah
boutique hotel thailand

"Relax with Natural Design.... style Hip Resort

Proud Phu Fah is your alternative choice for actual natural relaxing located at 1,150 meters above sea level. The lily ozone and lively cool weather can be touched here throughout the year particularly during the nighttime.

There are 9 villas available for selection depending on your favorite style the stream passes by every terrace of villa, harmonize with sentimental music as well as pleasant whisper of forest will peacefully lull you.

more information :

Banthai Village
boutique hotel thailand

"Banthai Village is a modern-Lanna decorated hotel designed with the owner's aim of keeping a balance between tradition and modernity among the rapid changes of Chiang Mai. Located along a small soi in the heart of Chiang Mai's old and classic community, the hotel is set in a small but luxury village which is the epitome of any perfect downtown residence.
The village's 23 chic rooms in 4 different types all with private balcony are situated peacefully in a tropical garden with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and lazy sun bathing sofas. The public space in the center of the village also acts as a romantic place at night when the Booze Bar beside the pool shines its warm light against the dark night and where various styles of cuisine is served.
The hotel does not only provide a warm sophisticated atmosphere through classic furniture and chic decorative items, it also offers items for sale as VIP souvenirs. Just take a look at The Bua Ban Shop."

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