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Things to do

Shanghai Mansion is the ideal base whether you want to walk, cycle, shop, relax in our beautiful surroundings or visit the other parts of Thailand.

Cultural attractions

The Shanghai Mansion Bangkok hotel offers a hip, design hotel experience unlike any other city hotel. Nowhere else in Bangkok can you find this extraordinary experience of Chinoise Chic style, except at Shanghai Mansion Bangkok boutique hotel the only Special Hotel of the World and design hotel located in the heart of exciting Chinatown.

China Town

This warren of fascinating shops, stalls and alleys is where the movers and shakers of Thailand's economy got their start. The area has been the main trading center for the Chinese community in Thailand since they moved from their former site near the Grand Palace some 200 years ago. Everything from household and electronic goods to Chinese medicine and antique ceramics can be found here. It’s also a great place for deals on gold, and obviously the city’s best Chinese food. Some stores and restaurants are open 24 hours.

Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha Temple)

Wat Traimit is known principally for housing the world's largest solid gold Buddha.
The 13th-century Sukhothai image is made of 18-carat gold and weights five tons.

Local Chinese residents come here to worship the Golden Buddha and to make merit by rubbing gold leaf on the temple's smaller Buddha images.


Vimanmek Palace

Made entirely of rare golden teak, this beautiful palace was built in 1901 by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). It is located behind the National Assembly Building.
The 3-storey palace contains 81 rooms, halls and antechambers. It was extensively restored by order of HM Queen Sirikit and houses priceless treasures and a collection of late 19th c and early 20th c royal memorabilia.

The palace’s Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall houses Thailand’s first Handicraft Museum, displaying masterpieces of nielloware, Thai silk and exquisite Liphao basket ware. The palace includes the Royal Carriage Museum, with excellent examples of antique royal horse-drawn carriages.

The Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha

The most famous destination in Bangkok, this is the city’s icon and the cultural destination most frequently visited by both tourists and local people.

The Grand Palace is famous for its gorgeous architecture and elaborate murals.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is renowned as the most beautiful and revered Buddhist temple in Thailand.


Little India

The Pahurat district is Bangkok’s Little India, centre of the Indian community, who are mostly Sikh and the capital’s largest fabric market in Bangkok. Visiting the market is a journey of discovery to tastes, smells and sights as if you had actually travelled to India. The majority of the merchants sell all varieties of cloth and clothing.

Ornate Indian jewellery and accessories, such as sandals, abound in this market place. Neighbouring restaurants provide tastes and nibbles of Indian cuisine. But if you are just looking for a snack there are plenty of street vendors offering authentic and fragrant Indian foods.


Erawan Shrine  

Located on the corner of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel at the Rajdamri
and Ploenchit Road intersection, this statue of the four-headed Hindu god
Brahma is Bangkok’s most famous and popular shrine, and is believed to have the power to grant any wish that is asked of it. any Thais and foreigners come to ask for blessings and give offerings of flower garlands, wooden elephants, and hire Thai classical dancers to perform for the statue. After the wish is granted, the worshipper is expected to return to the shrine and give thanks by giving more offerings. So many worshippers come to this shrine that the incense fumes are thicker than the traffic fumes at this busy intersection.


Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha Temple)

Wat Pho is an important landmark in the Rattanakosin Area. It was constructed in 1832 by King Rama III as the first center of learning and education for Thai citizens. Wat Pho houses the famous Reclining Buddha image, which is 46 metres long and 15 metres high, plated with gold and inlaid with mother of pearl.

Visitors can enjoy the beautiful temple architecture, Buddhist artworks and murals and the famous traditional Thai massage school, where generations of healing wisdom and herbal knowledge have been passed down for centuries. Many visitors enjoy a break from sight seeing by getting a professional massage at the temple’s massage school.


Wat Arun (Temple of the dawn)

The majestic Temple of the Dawn is one of the city’s best known landmarks and one of the most published images of Bangkok. It is located directly across the river from the Grand Palace. The temple consists of a magnificent 79-metre elongated prang (Khmer-style pagoda) and is surrounded by four smaller prangs. 

It is exquisitely encrusted with millions of glittering bits of shattered porcelain that had previously been used as ballast by trading vessels coming to Bangkok from China, a hallmark of the reign of King Rama III. The Emerald Buddha was briefly enshrined in this temple before King Rama I built  the Grand Palace and moved the image across the river.


Wat Benchamabopit (The Marble temple)

This unique marble temple was built at the end of the 20th century, during the reign of King Rama V (whose ashes are kept in the base of the temple’s largest Buddha image). It is considered one of the finest temples in the world in terms of craftsmanship and architectural splendour, with European influencesin the use of Italian Cararra marble, its classically perfect proportions, and use of stained glass windows. It house a superb collection of bronze Buddha statues and is located on the corner of Sri Ayuthaya and Rama V Road, across the street from Chitralada Palace.



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