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Shanghai Mansion, situated in Chinatown,  is the ideal venue for your traditional Chinese wedding, whether it’s just the hosting of the time-honored exchange of vows - The Tea Ceremony, the fun decorated Nuptial Chamber or the Wedding Banquets and parties.


The Tea Ceremony

This is the quintessential Chinese wedding tradition, created to show respect for the family.  Our private tea ceremonies can be formal indoor receptions while your guests enjoy pre dinner cocktails at the bar, or perhaps a more low-key small ceremony held at the library. Our guests have requested decorations of a Double Happiness symbol, and also phoenix and dragon motifs, Chinese marriage gods, gold and red colors and decorative stands of firecrackers, just to name a few... 

The Nuptial Chamber

This is the part where guests enjoy most of.  Immediately after the ceremony, the couple are then led to the bridal chamber, where both sit on the bed.  Honey and wine are poured into two goblets linked by a red thread.  The bride and groom take a few sips and then exchange cups and drink.  The bed chamber of course is open to guests who are given to teasing the young couple with ribald remarks!

The Wedding Banquets

Of course, here comes the famous Chinese wedding banquets where the number of courses is significant and usually 8 dishes are served.  So, be prepared for a long, full and fun night! 



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