DINING A journey back to China’s culinary roots

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Red Rose Restaurant

The Red Rose invites you on an epicurean journey that reaches back in time, when emperors dined on rarefied, elegantly cooked meals inspired by simplicity and tradition. Employing age-old techniques to deliver ingredient-driven plates, our chefs take Chinese cooking back to its roots. Paired with daring Chinese whiskeys and crisp plum wine, Red Rose promises indulgent experiences for the senses.

Daily open, from 6:30 AM. to 10:00 PM.
Breakfast, from 6:30 AM. to 10:30 AM.
Lunch & Dinner, from 11:00 AM. to 10:00 PM.

Visit website: www.redroselive.com


Cotton Breakfast Restaurant

Start the day with a healthy, scrumptious breakfast that is served at the historic Cotton Club, an airy dining hall with tall, arched windows overlooking Yaowarat Road. Perk up with a fabulous cup of French press coffee, or a potent espresso brew. A delightful continental buffet and an a la carte menu includes western and traditional Chinese options.

Daily breakfast buffet served from 6:30 AM. to 10:30 AM.

Shanghai Terrace

Shanghai Mansion’s Jazz Lounge recalls the mood of Shanghai, when the world was indeed a stage, and life was indulgent and music and wine flowed through the night. The Mansion’s jazz lounge occupies an open air terrace with a front row view of the energetic Yaowarat Road. By day, it’s a spectacular perch to take in the sights and sounds of the street, enjoy a cool refreshing drink and visit with friends. By night, the spirit of Shanghai is effusive, with live jazz lineup that beckons folks from around the city.

Open: 6:30 PM. to 11:00 PM.
Live Jazz Brand every Thu – Sun                                                                                                  
Thu: 07.30 PM. – 09.30 PM.
Fri:   06.30 PM.- 11.00 PM.
Sat:  06.30 PM. – 11.00 PM.
Sun: 07.30 PM. – 09.30 PM.