On the streets of Bangkok’s Chinatown, you’ll encounter Chinese food in staggering variations. Some of it may look familiar, some of it looks exotic and some of it .. well, it can look strange! “What is it?,” is a question we hear countless times when we take our guests around the neighborhood. In this blog, Shanghai Mansion Bangkok staff take a stab at answering some of our guests’ questions. Like you, we love getting to know our neighborhood’s rich culinary history, to understand it and to experience it. Enjoy!

Bar-hopping in Chinatown

June, 2017

Go bar-hopping with Bangkok hipsters in Chinatown’s picturesque historic lanes! Here are a few of our favorite spots: Tep Bar A gorgeously restored shophouse serving traditional ya dong (Thai herbal whiskey) by the shot or in delicious cocktails made with fruit, herbs and spices. Nightly live music features traditional ceremonial songs from central Thailand. 69-71 […]

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony

May, 2017

Tea originated in China, and the beverage plays an intrinsic part in religious, cultural and social gatherings throughout the country. Historically, tea ceremonies commemorated a respect for peace and nature. The Chinese characters for tea are: he (peace), jing (quiet), yi (enjoyment) and zeng (truth). These noble attributes and states of mind are still very […]

Chinese Roasted Chestnuts: What is it?

May, 2017

In Bangkok’s historic Chinatown, chestnuts are everywhere! In fact, you will see one, if not two, vendors raking the reddish-brown nuts on a hollow drum of dark charcoal beads right on the threshold of the Shanghai Mansion entrance on Yaowarat Road. Freshly roasted chestnuts are fragrant, warm and delightfully toothsome. Why is it so popular […]