Our neighborhood is full of exotic, curious rituals and traditions. Meander the small backstreets of the neighborhood and let us know what you encounter!

Wedding Tea Ceremony

June, 2017

Shanghai Mansion is a favorite wedding venue for modern Chinese couples, and hosting a traditional wedding tea ceremony is something we do well. Before we talk about the tea ceremony, it is crucial to understand that Cha Dao, or the way of tea, is an integral and complex part of Chinese culture. Centuries ago, tea […]

Joss Paper

May, 2017

When you stroll around Chinatown, you will inevitably find stacks of money, flowers and gift packages of toys, paper shirts, computers and iPhones. – all made from paper. These paper products, or “joss paper”, aren’t toys — they are meant as offerings for family members who’ve passed away. The offerings are whisked off to the […]

Mun Ming: An ancient beauty ritual

May, 2017

Mun Ming, or face threading, is an ancient Chinese beauty ritual, performed first on young girls before marriage. These days, however, all ages flock to Charoen Krung Road where a squadron of old-timers have set up beauty parlors offering face threading. Mun Ming requires nothing more than a piece of twisted thread to pluck out […]

Songkran — Thailand’s Water Festival

May, 2017

Sawasdee Pi Mai … or Happy New Year!   If you are in Bangkok in mid-April or thinking of a good time to visit — consider joining the country’s Songkran Festival! Also known as the ‘water festival’, this is a festive period. Families get together, locals visit temples laden with offerings and receive blessings, and […]