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Mun Ming: An ancient beauty ritual

Mun Ming, or face threading, is an ancient Chinese beauty ritual, performed first on young girls before marriage. These days, however, all ages flock to Charoen Krung Road where a squadron of old-timers have set up beauty parlors offering face threading. Mun Ming requires nothing more than a piece of twisted thread to pluck out facial hair that also reduces pores and leaves the face looking radiant and clean. Some practitioners apply an antibacterial talcum powder to the face to reduce irritation. Mun Ming is not recommended for those with sensitive skin – there is some discomfort, but many Thai and Chinese locals get the treatment regularly. To see Mun Ming in action, turn right as you head out of the hotel. Take a right onto Soi Texas, and a left onto Charoen Krung Road, and get a firsthand look at this curious, and highly effective, facial treatment ritual!