Bangkok’s Chinatown is a favourite shopping haunt — even among Bangkok residents. The city’s industrious Chinese community is a mercantile hub, peddling retail and wholesale fabric, shoes, accessories, home goods, toys, stationery, religious and ceremonial items, spices and dried fruit and foods, and, most famously, gold. Here, the plethora of goods and opportunities for bargain-hunting is endless. So, strap on comfortable shoes and hit Bangkok Chinatown’s fabulous markets!

Talad Mai

June, 2017

Turn left out of the hotel lobby and stroll down to Yaowarat Soi 6, also known as Soi Issaranuphap, also known as Talad Mai or “New Market”. While this section of the market has been around nearly 80 years, the Talad Kow or “Old Market” section of the market, on Yaowarat Soi 26, has been […]

Shopping For Gold in Chinatown

May, 2017

Step out from the hotel onto bustling Yaowarat Road and you will invariably encounter a brilliantly red-painted shop selling gold jewelry. “Yaowarat” means ‘avenue of gold’ and the neighborhood is home to over 130 gold shops. Gold sellers are among the earliest merchants in Bangkok’s Chinatown, and while there are plenty of places to buy […]