Markets & Shops
Talad Mai

Turn left out of the hotel lobby and stroll down to Yaowarat Soi 6, also known as Soi Issaranuphap, also known as Talad Mai or “New Market”. While this section of the market has been around nearly 80 years, the Talad Kow or “Old Market” section of the market, on Yaowarat Soi 26, has been running for over 150 years. The market’s taciturn vendors have been around for generations and still speak Teochew Chinese.

Take your time – there is a lot to see — and keep your eyes open for hidden shrines and exotic and unusual finds. The market is packed with fish maw stands – a staple dehydrated fish parts that can be used in soups and sauces. There are also several purveyors of traditional herbal tonics. Some shops have English signs that give you a brief description of the tonic’s curative properties. The most common tonic is lo-han-guo or ‘Monkfruit juice’ – a tonic extracted from momordica or bitter melon that is believed to be digestive cure-all. If you are brave enough, give it a try!